Body Mass Index for Women

Body mass index is used to calculate or determine if a person is overweight or healthy. Several people are overweight and they suffer from various overweight related health conditions. The body mass index or BMI is a simple way that individuals can check to determine if their body weight falls under what is considered as being healthy or being overweight. The body mass index for women is a concept that suggests or defines what would be considered as a healthy weight for women of a particular height.

BMI is a method that measures body mass as it relates to a person’s height and weight. BMI is also referred to as the Quetelet Index after the Belgian Adolphe Quetelet who developed the body mass index concept sometime between 1830 and 1850. Since then, it has been recognized and used as an effective method of classifying people into weight groups to determine those who are healthy or overweight.

Body Mass Index for women

BMI is very important as it remains a simple non-expensive way of determining if your weight is healthy in relation to your height. The formula only takes into account a person’s height and weight and so it is very easy to use and is absolutely free if you know how to calculate it. Being over weight is a bit relative as several factors may make it possible for two people with equal weights to be classified differently. One of them could be overweight while the other could have a healthy body mass. Experts claim that millions of lives could be saved all over the world if people stayed within healthy weight limits and body mass index for women can help define proper weight limits for women.

To calculate your BMI is quite easy. As mentioned, this concept only factors a person’s weight and height. It shows what can be considered as healthy weight limits for particular heights.


Body Mass Index for men

Calculate the body mass index for women

To calculate BMI:

Multiply your weight (in pounds) by 703

Divide the answer by your height (in inches)

Divide the answer by your height (in inches) again

The same formula is used to calculate the body mass index for women.

For example, a woman who weighs 240 pounds and measures 66 inches would have an approximate BMI of 38.7


240 (weight in pounds) multiply 703 = 168720

168720 divide 66 (height in inches) = 2556.36

2556.36 divide 66 = 38.7


BMI 18.5 and below = Underweight

BMI 18.5 to 24.9 = Normal

BMI 25 to 29.9 = Overweight

BMI 30 to 39.9 = Obese

BMI 40 and above = Morbidly Obese


The body mass index concept is fairly accurate for calculating body mass and determining is a person is overweight. However, there are several reasons why a person may have increased body mass without being overweight. For example, a body builder may be considered overweight based on the BMI concept while not actually being so. Muscles weigh more than fat and so a body builder’s weight may affect the calculations, when indeed he is not fat or overweight. Other exceptions to body mass index for women include the elderly and young children where other factors would need to be considered into properly determining healthy weights for them.


These exceptions do not make BMI inaccurate of ineffective. It just means that experts such as doctors would use the BMI along with other factors to consider if a person is overweight or not. It is important that people learn simple tips to help them eat and live right to maintain good health. The body mass index for women is an effective means that both mean and women would be able to fairly accurately keep track of their weight to determine when they are going overboard and take necessary steps to correct their weight situation.

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